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I get my deals on Groupon.   
Choose a  Garden flag or flag personalized just or you. Use your photos,  
Your memories treasured forever.
 Magic photo mugs.
Plain black until you add the hot stuff.  Then your photo magically appears.

Easiest Christmas Shopping Ever.

Paint Nite my favorite.  

Deal on groupon up to 47% off  WOW!  girls night out fun.

One of a kind, nothing else like it gifts include
Sherpa photo blanket.  So soft, wrap your self up with a blanket full of happy memories buy two, one for you and one for a special person. 

Find them on Groupon.  Super deals.  click here

Flower garden bracelets.  $15   custom orders $20.

Guardian Angel necklaces on Sterling silver chain
or on organza ribbon. 
On ribbon for your car.
Lockets available.


The oval locket comes on a 30-inch chain.  both are sterling silver.  the Oval is 2 inches high.

The book locket 1 inch high works on chains 20-30"  sterling silver.

Small oval 3/4 inch high..

Handcrafted guardian angels.

#1  One angel sterling silver 20" chain (or length of your choice) $5
#2   One angel on gold tone chain.  20 " $5
#3   One angel on  18K gold 20" chain $10
#4.  Sterling silver 28" chain for mothers necklace $5 
         Each angel is $5.  Example: mothers necklace with 3 angels $20
#5     18K gold chain for mothers necklace $5   each angel $5
#6.   Sterling silver necklace with an  angel and picture frame $10
#7  One angel sterling silver chain with locket $10
#7 One angel gold tone chain and locket  $10
#8   one angel, 18K gold chain, with locket $20

Click here
for breast cancer awareness.  Add a locket for a loved ones picture for $5

                                                Birthstone angels.      

                                                    Or just a favorite color.


Unique gifts handcrafted or gifts for a 

Please text me 435-740-0274 to set up times.  

Bag organizers  click here

Navy, purple and yellow.  Very limited quantity.